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Byron Custom homes

While there are many pre-owned and fairly new homes on the market to buy, there is nothing better than building from the ground up. Wobig Construction has been building Byron custom homes for many years and can say that all of clients have built their dream homes with us. While it might take longer to build a new construction home there are so many benefit.

For instance:
  • Everything is brand new
  • Theres no mystery of what lurking behind your walls
  • You can design it for your liking
  • Piece of mind

Looking for Remodeling...

Being that home prices are rising and the Square foot of that perfect house might be shrinking the need for more space is always the constantrequest. Byron home builders have helped many home owners gain space by offering room remodeling services. Maybe more space isn't what you need and instead its a openfloor plan concept. Wobig Construction has had the opportunity to remodel kitchens, baths and basements for our customers. We have been told we turn what looks to be the impossible to a dream come true.

We Also do Roofing...

Weather condition in Byron, MN are extreme and even worse for your house. The Snow, rain and wind can be a nightmare for you roof. Byron roof repair companies recommend that you should get an annual roof inspection to make sure your home is safe year after year. Often time it is not the large hole in the ceiling that you have to worry about, its the smaller things like missing shingles or curling shingles that can be just as bad. Homes that are more than 10 years old are more prone to this type of damage. At the same token, if you own a home for a number of years you will experience some type of roof damage. It is not if, it when and be being proactive you will be well informed and prepared when this might happen

Why Us...

Wobig Construction has been in business for many years and our goal is to make our clients achieve their home owning goals by building custom homes. In addition, we are here to make home safe again with any roof repair, siding repair or window repair your home may need. Feel free to reach out to us at 507-398-7889 for a consultation
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